• *** MAGIC COFFEE! ***

    Experienced a lovely synchronicity at work today thanks to Nicole Gaskell.

    This morning on my way to work I stopped in at a shop to buy something and whilst looking around I saw some oat milk that I thought I could maybe buy and bring into work as they don't offer any milk alternatives there and I like to have a nice cup of tea or coffee when I'm working but I don't drink milk/dairy any more. At the last minute though I thought not to buy it and just settle for some herbal tea or tea without milk (yuck!) all day instead, as I wasn't feeling too well and I still had a long walk ahead of me to get into work, the milk cartoon was big and heavy and I didn't want to weigh myself down any more than I already was.

    Anyway, some time during the day my friend Nicole who I was randomly working with today (we don't always work together) just casually remarked "Oh Renee, just to let you know I've pot some soya milk in the cafe so if you want to borrow some for your coffee or tea today please help yourself."

    !!!!!!! :) I smiled and told her my morning dichotomy and how, once again, the universe had put us together to experience a little miracle together! (This is the first time this has been done at work, it's not something we all do) We talked about how maybe this could be something we could request and could even be the start of a little paradigm shift at work, a little micro-cosmic ethical thing we might have started?! (There a handful of vegetarian and vegan actors at work after all)

    Anyway later on in the day when we finally went to have our coffees, because I was delayed getting money out of the cash point, Nicole ended up ordering and treating me to mine...

    ...which in turn led to.....

    another lovely synchronicity and sequence of events on my way home!....

    So, on my way back home from work I was feeling very cold and a bit rough so I was power walking my way to the station to try to get into the heat quickly and also to catch my next train or else it would be another hours wait in the cold for me.

    As I neared the station, however, I saw this homeless man sitting under the bridge section opposite Greg's (a bakery store), that delicious smell of baking filling the air around him. How he could stand that delicious smell whilst hungry?! I don't know. His head bowed down and his spirit broken he lifted his head slightly and asked me if I had any change, you could tell he didn't expect me to stop or engage with him, he'd obviously been used to being ignored often. If I'm completely honest with you I nearly said 'No I'm really sorry but I don't have any change, and I'm in a rush as I don't want to miss my train' and bless him silently when I went on my way but.....that's not what happened!

    Instead I slowed down, looked him right in the eye and thought 'Bloody hell, if I'm cold and feeling under the weather right now what more of him? I'm rushing home to my lovely warm house where I will hug my cats, kiss my husband, have a lovely dinner and get into my fluffy duvet...I can spare a few minutes with this man and share in our humanity, I still have a bit of light to share even though I'm feeling ill today and who cares if I miss my train? I can just get the next one. The reason I have no change is because I took money out of the cash point today to pay for my coffee but Nicole ended up paying for it for me, what a lovely gift and gesture on her part, it made my day actually, so now I want to pay that gift forward and give this man something: my time, my heart and whatever he wants to eat and drink.

    So, with my heart suddenly busted wide open by the sight of him, I said "I'm sorry but I have no change...."

    He looked down rejected and whispered a 'never mind thanks' whilst I continued ".....BUT I can go inside Greg's and buy you something instead, would that be alright? What would you like?"

    His eyes lit up in disbelief as he asked me for a drink. I said "Is that all?! What about some food you must be hungry! Come on let me but you some food!"

    He looked shocked and asked me if it's alright if he could have a doughnut, his eyes flickering with joy, he described the exact one, probably one he'd been eyeing up in the window many times :( I said 'Sure!' and asked him if that was ALL that he wanted though and he reassured me that it was. He looked like a kid on Christmas day waiting for his present, bless this man! So I went inside and bought it for him, telling the guy to be quick though because I still wanted to see if I could catch my train.

    I gave the lovely homeless guy his food and drink and a wedge of napkins that I also picked up for him, as I figured these things that we take for granted so easily can actually be so useful to others, and he just looked into my eyes with such happiness cupping his hot drink for warmth and thanking me so sincerely whilst saying 'Thank you so much!!!! You've thought of everything! You're an Angel! (He loved his new tissues as much as his food and drink, saying it was very thoughtful of me). We parted ways, both of jus a little warmer from the interaction and I got to the station in time for my regular train! Yay!

    But that's not all!!!.....

    Once I got into the station I looked at the departure board for the train times and lo and behold beneath it was a TV screen poster of....an Angel! (a nice little touch from the universe, thanks! wink ;) It changed picture to something else as soon as I acknowledged it and went through the barrier)

    And then immediately after that!!!!.......

    my agent rang with some news:

    I booked the job that I had auditioned for the other day! Boom! The good vibes continuing I felt like this recent sequence of random events were instant karma or something! Wow. Even though I'm used to little miracles like these happening to me I still am in awe every time.

    I am SO grateful!!!!

    Moral of the story? Practice a random act of kindness when you get the chance and any inkling to do so, look what happened when Nicole did it for me, it started a chain of events energetically! Go on guys, either start a new chain or know that you are already part of one, acknowledging that will lead to more goodness coming into your life. It's sort of the reason I'm writing this now and documenting it/sharing it with you!

    I wish you tons of miracles, joy and synchronicity too!

    Thank you lovely Nicole, thank you angel homeless man, thank you magical Universe!

    Lots of Love <3 Renee xxx

    p.s. A lot of people have been noticing my many synchronicites and miracles this year and have been asking me how they can experience them too. If you're also interested in having some of your own fun miracles allow me to assist you! Honestly when people work with me they experience the craziest, most wonderful things! (I shall post my clients' synchronicity stories too when I have their permission) If you want some too just join my mailing list at www.angelic-creations.net and I'll let you know when one of my next powerful workshops is on again....or, if you can't wait and really have some stuff you want to change in your life you can alternatively book in to have your own magical personal/spiritual life coaching sessions with me! I didn't intend to write this story as an advert for my services! but I'm all still tingling and sparkling with what's just happened to me today that I just wanted to share in the good vibes! So, let me know if I can serve YOU in any way. Have some coaching with moi if you like, it's so much fun! And if not, I just hope you enjoyed my story for today. It's all true, it literally just happened! Let's keep the magic flowing!

    p.p.s. I've included actual photos of my day today, including the poster of the angel that I saw in the station! Obviously I don't have any photos of the homeless man I met, that would've been inappropriate.

    <3 Renee

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