• Call upon your Angels first!

    I am feeling SO relieved right now. I just had to make a 'scary' business call that I've been stressed about and have procrastinated over for a very long time.

    Before I phoned up the company I made sure to connect with my angels to send light ahead of me and to help me in general with the call. Then I dialled the number...

    Immediately I managed to be connected to a really lovely earth angel who helped me with all the technical processes that I had to do and the whole call was surprisingly EASY! Who knew it could be so easy?!! :) Thank you SO much Angels!

    The Lesson => If you take a moment to breathe and connect with your angels BEFORE you do anything stressful or difficult, they will support you and you will achieve great things without ever having to feel like you're doing it all by yourself! Phew!

    Have you ever called upon your angels before embarking on something stressful? How did things turn out for you? I'd love to hear your stories! Tell us about it in the comments box below.

    Hope you are having a lovely stress-free day.

    Time for me to hi-five this moment with my husband now ;)

    Blessings, <3 Renee x