• Car For Sale - amazing synchronicity!

    Magical times again!

    So my husband and I woke up this morning and talked about de-cluttering our lives some more. We were discussing that we'd both been so busy this year that neither of us had had the time to think about the cars that are rusting away at the back of our house. We discussed having to sell one of our older cars and agreed on getting organised enough to start that process next week for definite before we get too busy to do anything about it again.

    Then my husband went outside to have a look at the car and came back 5 minutes later excited to inform me that he had sold the car to someone who was passing by at the very moment that my husband was outside and that this person had started a coversation with him and was in fact looking for a car! They agreed on it there and then!

    The weird thing is that there is no 'For sale' sign on our car yet as we had literally just agreed on selling it just a few minutes beforehand. Our car was also not parked on the street either! What a beautiful, amazing synchronicity! Thank you manifestation Angels for helping us make life so much simper and SO amazingly quickly too!

    Perhaps the magic is strong again because both my husband and I had last week just finished teaching my yearly Heal Your Life workshop that we run every year? In any case, whatever the reason for this instant manifestation we are very grateful!

    It's always very important to acknowledge a miracle when one happens to you!

    Here's to the Manifestation Angels!

    Do you have any synchronicity stories about cars at all? Please share your thoughts about this blog or any of your own stories with us below! We'd love to hear them.

    Love Renee x