• Cosmic Curtains

    So I had a lovely friend, Julia Domenica of Peacemaker Initiative, stay over with my husband and I last month (June 2012) and although our time was short (she could only stay for one night) we had such a blast and also shared in many profound obseravations and conversations. One of which has remained with me to this day and which has actually helped me in starting up this blog in the first place!

    In short, as I was showing Julia around our lovely home I commented on the fact that in each room of our house we were having issues with the curtains. In our bedroom the blinds aren't thick enough so they let in the sun and disturb our sleep and in my healing/therapy room, which is where we were standing as I made this comment, the curtains had actually ripped off the curtain rail the day before as I was closing them.

    "We seem to be having issues with all our curtains at the moment!" I laughed.

    Julia then exclaimed "Perhaps it's a message for you to stop hiding". WOW that one hit me like a bolt of lightning. I hadn't considered this before and I felt this lightbulb moment to be so true. I had been feeling intuitively recently that I need to be more out there with my message and life mission and that I had been playing too small and was hesitant (scared) about taking the next step!

    I was, and still am, grateful to Julia for this insight. As a result I've re-designed this Angelic Creations website and have become even more open and am sharing more of myself and my heart on it for all the world to see. Not easy but I felt necessary! And indeed this new endeavor of me starting my first blog was also born out of this. AMAZING insight and message from the curtains of my home, who are so wise! LOL Thank you! :)

    Do you ever feel like you are playing the small game when you know you should be playing the bigger one? Feel free to comment and share below.