• Healers need healing too!

    Healers need healing too!

    Today I received a beautiful reading from a professional intuitive who I've never met in person nor worked with ever before. My heart was in so much pain and anguish, and has been for the past couple of weeks as I have been grieving the loss of a special little soul to me who died in a very shocking and unexpected way recently.

    The relief and the peace I feel now is SO BEAUTIFUL and after our phone session I am left feeling like I'm wrapped up safely in a warm, pink blanket of heavenly love! After the reading I paused to think about it a little. I've just realised that in my work, I help people to feel exactly what I am feeling now! I do indeed do this for many people and I haven't quite stopped to appreciate how I am a channel for healing energy to flow through me for others and how that energy is so, so meaningful and healing for them. It is an honour to be able to help people feel like this. And as I now am so grateful to my wonderful reader today I only now realise that people feel that about me too after their sessions with me.

    Basically I have not only received the gift of the healing session itself today but I have also received the extra gift of appreciating myself, my gifts, and the peace I help to bring through for others who choose to work with me in whatever way, shape or form. Being of service to others is such an honour and it's great to be able to experience it the other way round!

    If you are a healer or therapist yourself or even if you're not but find that you often give people advice or listen to them talk about their problems etc. please realise that you are being of service to others in a very profound way, maybe even more profound than you yourself realise and that being of service is sacred.

    As my heart feels so open and so grateful I have decided that I'd like to pay it forward some more so I will be offering up some of my sessions (private one-to-ones) on an 'End of Summer Special'! Basically I will put my therapies on Sale! I want to share the goodness and the goodies! It won't be until September has passed though, as I am still healing myself and need to make sure that I am completely healthy in mind, body and spirit again before I can help you and others but please do join my mailing list if you're interested in a future session with me as I will be offering these gifts and treats soon!

    So to end this note, let me just remind you that if you are yourself a healer, intuitive or therapist of any kind please treat yourself to a reading or healing session yourself soon. It's good to be balanced as we can only really give that which we receive, and vica versa.

    The healer needs healing too sometimes!

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    Lots of Love, Light and Blessings,

    Renee x