The. Universe. Is. Incredible!

    Today I met with a fellow dolphin and animal activist in person for the first time ever. We have been communicating on FB for months but had never actually met until today. It was incredible as we felt like we had been friends for years, chatting excitedly over a lovely lunch in one of London's best vegan pubs!

    I thought I was just meeting a new friend and having lunch with her but halfway through our meeting we discovered that the Universe had higher reasons for connecting us with one another.

    Basically there has been a situation that I've been needing advice and assistance with for some time, during our conversation I mentioned it in passing and my new friend surprised me by saying 'Oh I can help you with that!' And she can too, as she is an expert on my actual situation, it's part of what she does for her job, professionally! There was no way I would've known this previously as she never mentioned it on FB. As soon as she told me this I just wanted to cry! This woman is helping me make one of my most precious dreams come true, the Universe put us together at the right time and in such an unexpected way!

    Go and meet your Facebook friends in person peeps it could be the most magical encounter that you ever have! (*if you have a genuine affinity with them and of course always be safe when you do so!)

    Thank you lovely Angel, you know who you are. And thank you Universe, you cheeky rascal you!!!

    © Renee Spurrier 2015