• NATAURE ANGELS: Your angels communicate with you through various ways!

    I had some pretty powerful Angel readings today! One of my clients got the honor of having part of his reading confirmed by his angels via the weather! When we got to a darker aspect of his reading the heavens suddenly opened up and it immediately pelted it down with heavy rain and sleet for 2 minutes, then suddenly stopped when we had finished talking about that subject! My therapy/healing room in London is right at the top of my house and, as anyone who's ever been in it knows, the windows go right across one of the walls which makes it feel like you're in a light house. This awesome display of nature was so powerful and so apt for this part of my client's reading that it was absolutely breathtaking and made us feel very much surrounded by a divine power, it literally took our breathe away! It was such a sacred reading in the end.

    Our angels connect with us in so many ways, sometimes through other people, sometimes through other beings and sometimes through nature!

    Have you ever experienced your angels communicating to you in any of these ways before? Comment and share below!

    Lots of love, Renee x