• When the Universe Tests Your Integrity


    As some of you know, as well as being a Lightworker/Therapist I am also a professional Actress.

    This week I was chosen/booked as the featured role on TWO commercials but I can't do either of them!!!

    The first one was 'very me' in that is was all magical, sparkly, and twinkly with fairy dust and everything! It was also financially quite lucrative. But although I was definitely booked for it they couldn't confirm my matching scene partner no matter how hard they tried so they had to UN-book me at the last minute and go with a completely different couple altogether :( That's showbiz folks!

    Then the other one came the next day and it was a real test of my integrity. So I actually had to turn it down!!!

    It was for me to be in an ad as a scientist in order to promote debate in FAVOUR of animal testing! As many of you know I am a vegan, a huge animal lover and animal activist supporting many different animal charities and causes. It would not be in my integrity to do an advert such as this. Although I really could've done with the money this month I said no because it is totally against my moral values. And you know what? Surprisingly I have to say that this decision has REALLY INCREASED MY SELF-RESPECT AND SELF ESTEEM!!! My self esteem is sky-rocketing through the roof as a result!!! I feel SO powerful! I was totally supported by my WONDERFUL agent on this and am so grateful for the test and the lesson.

    So my peeps, always live in integrity and never compromise your values as it is never worth it in the long run AND it directly affects your self worth. I feel AMAZING and am now trusting the Universal Laws of Compensation to bring me something even better now as a result of this! Hopefully something that is in complete alignment with my beliefs, moral values and soul. What JOY that will be! ;)

    Have you ever been in a similar postition? One that threatened to comprimise YOUR values and integrity? What did you do? How did it affect you? Were you able to trust the Universe to bring you something better as a result? I'd love to hear your stories too. Please comment and share below!

    Lots of Love and Respect always, Renee x

    p.s. The photo below is of me doing yoga with my cat making himself comfortable under me and refusing to budge whilst I'm in the middle of a yoga pose! Ha ha ha!

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