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Angelic Creations is owned and founded by Renee Spurrier, a Spiritual Life Coach, Best-Selling Author, Psychic Clairvoyant, Intuitive Tarot, Oracle and Angel Card Reader, Alternative Therapist, Metaphysical Counsellor, Animal Rights Activist, Actress, Singer, TV Presenter and Certified and Licensed 'Heal Your Life' teacher and workshop leader.

Renee has worked professionally in the metaphysical field since 2002 and since then has worked with thousands of clients from around the world (the count was at 3600 in 2004 but then she lost count!) from

all different backgrounds; business men and women, bankers, artists, housewives, therapists, lawyers, actors, life coaches, hairdressers,

interior designers, air stewards, models, graphic designers, millionaires,doctors etc. And because of Renee's background in showbusiness she has also worked with many celebrities and is actually a secret life coach to many of the UK's well known and loved stars of the Stage and Screen!


In 2008 Renee life-coached Suzanne Shaw on the ITV Television show "Dancing On Ice"and helped her to win it with flying colours. With Renee's help not only did Suzanne win the competition but she also set new records in the show by being the first person to get top marks of 6.0 from all the judges across the board TWICE in that series!


BBC 'Eastenders' Actor Shaun Williamson (Barry) was pleasantly shocked when, in a chance encounter with Renee backstage of 'The Rocky Horror Show', she had a claivoyant vision and predicted his next acting project simply because she got a vision from shaking his hand whilst they were being introduced to each other for a few seconds! Needless to say he tracked her down a few months later to thank her for such an amazing premonition as he was indeed playing that exact role that she had said he would. He was so delighted by Renee's spontaneous insight that he was happy to give her a glowing testimonial.






Renee and her husband Julian together with Marianne Williamson: internationally acclaimed best-selling author of 'A Return to Love',

a spiritual activist, lecturer and founder of The Peace Alliance.




Renee is a certified and licensed Transformational Course Leader and Life Coach having trained with Dr. Patricia Crane and Rick Nichols in the USA.  She teaches methods based on the work of Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Shakti Gawain and others.  She has been a professional actress and singer for over 18 years and has also been interested, and deeply involved, in the Spiritual, Psychic and Healing Arts since childhood. She was always a very spiritual child searching and researching the philosophies of life, she actually used to sneak into the adult libraries because the children's ones never had the more sophisticated books she was looking for regarding spirituality etc! She also experienced many wierd and wonderful things in her childhood. After all, she did live in a haunted house for many years as a child and witnessed many strange happenings with her family over the years growing up!



Renee Spurrier and Suzanne Shaw at Elstree Studios directly after Suzanne won ITV's Television show 'Dancing on Ice', which Renee coached Suzanne on (2008)



Renee with Louise Hay, the founder of Hay House and the  best-selling author of 'You Can Heal Your Life'




Renee at Duncton Mill where she held her powerful 5-day transformational residential course called 'The Retreat' (2006)


She started out by offering holistic massage to a few friends and clients in between acting commitments in 1997 but then gave it up as she realised she much preferred receiving massages than giving them!  However, she knew in her heart that she wanted to continue to help people in some way. Since she was always interested in spirituality, philosophy and personal development it wasn't long before her hobby and interest in these things turned into a full time career. It all happened so organically and so quickly that it unexpectedly overshadowed her successful career as an actress as she found herself spending more and more time doing her therapies. She unexpectedly found herself putting her career to the side for many years in order to really fully focus and immerse herself in her sudden psychic and spiritual awakening and intensified training in the spiritual and healing arts as well as to be more genuinely of service to people.


Renee is qualified  in a multitude of therapies as a; Reiki, Aura-Soma Colour Bottle Reading, Healing Breathwork, Metaphysical Counselling,Tarot Reading and Life Coaching. She attended the College of Psychic Studies in order to enhance and devolop her own natural gifts and talents and trained with many teachers there over the years including; Tony Stockwell, Katy Walker, Cilla Conway, Tracy Ash, Gerrie March, and Lorna May Todd. She also studied kinesiology and other various complementary therapy modalities with international teachers Michael Barthaud, Sandra Gonzalez and Anup Karlson as well as Aura-Soma with Simone Rosenberg at Dolphin and Angels.


Renee worked professionally out of her own private consulting room in "Mysteries" in London, from 2003 to 2006. She was an extremely busy and  popular reader there with many regular clients coming to her for guidance every week. At the end of 2006 Renee left Mysteries and decided to start her own private practice.


* Fellow colleague and reader at Mysteries Lulu Ryder-Hall stated that '"Just sitting or spending time with Renee (without even having to have a reading from her) feels like a healing experience in itself."


Since then Renee's  repertoire of therapies has developed, evolved and grown rapidly, as well as her client base! People from all walks of life come to see her for guidance including many well known celebrities. And now, she is able to happily balance both of her passions in life, the spiritual work and the performing work, and embrace them equally like two lovers who vie for her attention constantly!



Renee is also the author of 'Today is the day I meet my Soulmate', a true story about how she manifested her dream husband and relationship in only 9 months, and then married him only 4 months later! which appears in the book "Pearls of Wisdom for Living a Richer Life" as well as also being a co-author on the book 'Whispers of the Heart' with her story 'Losing Hope' about the pain of struggling to conceive and then losing her baby after 12 years of trying. She was also honoured to be featured as one of the top pick spiritual leaders in the book 'Spiritual Leaders Top Pick 2018'.


Renee's books; 'Pearls of Wisdom For Living a Richer Life', 'Whispers of the Heart' and '111 Morning Meditations'

Click on the picture to be taken to the store (coming soon!)


She regularly practices the art of yoga, dance, singing and meditation. She is an animal lover and vegetarian and regulary devotes her time to helping and/or promoting charitable animal rights organisations. She is a supporter of Ric O Barry's campaign to save dolphins from slaughter and captivity as documented in the film 'The Cove'. In 2010 she participated in Bill Oddie's televised  'Great Gorilla Run' a sponsored 7K run around the streets of London dressed up as a gorilla in order to help raise funds for the endangered gorillas of the world who are currently facing extinction. In 2012 she walked the Moon Bear Walk for Freedom to help raise awareness about the horrendous abuse and unnecessary torture of Asia's innocent and gentle Moon Bears.


For more information about each of the charities mentioned please click on these links:

The Great Gorilla Run      

Animals Asia Foundation   

Earth Island Institute




      Renee dressed up as a gorilla for The Great Gorilla Run! (2010)


All of Renee's work is heart based. She is a passionate person and catalyst for positive change She is a genuine, caring, kind and loving person who has a high level of integrity. It's been said that she has an angelic quality yet is also really playful like a little fairy so you will definitely have fun and feel safe if you work with her! However that is not to forget that Renee has a unique talent and ability to go seriously and very deeply into the very dark, shadowy aspects of a person or situation and she has experienced and witnessed many challenging situations herself both in her own life and in the lives of others who come to her for help. She's seen it all! So you never need feel embarrassed or afraid to share your most intimate and vulnerable aspects of yourself with her. She is always respectful of your heart and soul. As she has overcome many personal challenges herself she carries a unique warrior goddess energy as, despite everything she has been through, she continues to choose to live life with a smile on her face, gratitude in her heart and a lightness of being!






















Renee loving her Angelic Creations shop which was part of The Mystic Arts exhibition at London Olympia Exhibition (2007)


Renee regularly commits to learning new and various personal and spiritual development techniques, both for her own personal growth and so that she may help others in theirs. She believes in walking her walk and talking her talk and believes that ALL therapists, healers, consultants etc. should always continue learning and growing personally and professionally so that they may always offer the highest quality of service, integrity and light to others. For many years she has consistently practiced the metaphysical principles that you will be learning and is excited to be able to share this knowledge with you for your own personal development, spiritual growth and success.



Renee enjoying a yoga stretch on Boracay island, Philippines

(Photo) Stonehenge

She enjoys travelling, meeting new people, learning new things, especially within the metaphysical arena, enjoying new experiences and having random adventures constantly! She lives in the UK and shares her home with her amazing husband of 20+ years, her daughter and five wonderful cats all of whom she totally she adores!


Taiji Dolphin protest, London

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