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Heal Your Life workshops and seminars are based on the principles of the book, 'You Can Heal Your Life®', by Louise L. Hay and have been attended by many thousands of people worldwide.

Benefits of attending this workshop:

♥ Understand your family dynamics and barriers to LOVE

♥ Feel loved, powerful, safe, prosperous, and healthy in mind, body and spirit

♥ Learn to bring affirmations into your BODY and NOT JUST in your MIND, for cellular transformation

♥ Learn to love yourself and others more FULLY AND DEEPLY

♥ Work with body, mind, emotions and spirit to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE for the better

♥ Clear your own energy field so that you can more easily attract love and beautiful synchronicity, MIRACLES and MAGIC into your life! 

♥ Release negative emotions blocking you from living JOYFULLY & CREATIVELY!

♥ Learn how to improve your health by using Louise Hay's body-mind techniques.

♥ Experience the feeling of LIGHTNESS and JOY as you finally let go of your old 'baggage'

♥ Discover your life purpose and LIVE IT!

♥ Feel lighter, healthier and happier than ever before

♥ Attract your Soulmate and enjoy a truly loving & fulfilling, high quality relationship

♥ Improve your finances

♥ Enjoy increased prosperity, wealth, abundance and success

♥ Have more fun!

♥ Become more successful

♥ Improve your relationships (personal and professional)

♥ Become more confident and empowered

♥ Enjoy inner peace

♥ Experience balance and harmony on all levels; mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually

♥ Enjoy wonderful, harmonious relationships not only with your partner but with your friends, family    and collegues etc.

♥ Be more joyful, carefree and creative

♥ Fulfil your potential

♥ Enjoy a beautiful life doing what you want, when you want to

♥ Live a HIGH QUALITY LIFE in ALL areas of your life! 

♥ Learn how to let go of past limitations and actually turn your greatest challenge into your greatest GIFT!

The basic Heal Your Life philsophy:

  • What we think about ourselves becomes true for us

  • Everyone is responsible for everything in their lives — the best and the worst

  • Every thought we think is creating our future

  • Each one of us creates our experiences by our thoughts and our feelings

  • The thoughts we think and the words we speak create our experiences

  • We can change the thoughts we think

Part of the challenge is that we give our power away by blaming the past, other people, and difficult events for our failures and frustrations. When we learn to step outside the world of blame we can then choose to create peace, harmony, and balance in our minds and that’s what we will find in our lives. You can live a truly empowered life full of health and vitality, wealth and contribution and genuine happiness!

Clip of 'You can heal your life' The Movie

The Workshop:

This is a very powerful workshop that will help you identify core negative beliefs that have prevented you from achieving your dream life. Whether that's in the area of love, relationships, career, finances or health etc. It will help you break the patterns in your past where you have sabotaged yourself and help you understand why you would have done this to yourself in the first place.

You will work on all four aspects of the self; emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. You will learn how to release and let go of what you no longer want in your life in order to bring in people and situations that you DO want.

By the end of the workshop you will feel lighter and be much more able to love yourself and others more fully. You will be more attractive to whatever it is you want out of life and you will also go home with spiritual and practical tools and techniques to help you deal with your life in more positive ways.

Before 'The Secret' there was Louise Hay's book 'You Can Heal Your Life' which was, and still continues to be, an international bestseller. If you loved 'The Secret' and want to practically apply the principles mentioned there plus more then this is the workshop for you!

Key features of the workshop include:

* Mirrorwork
* Affirmations
* Inner Child work
* Forgiveness exercises
* Visualisations
* Healing family dynamics
* Releasing negative beliefs
* Creating a successful new life story for yourself


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Details of my next Heal Your Life workshop:

For details of the next Heal Your Life workshop, Study Group or TeleCourse please go to the Events Calendar.


Times & Locations:

Time: For the 2-day Heal Your Life workshops we usually begin at 10am and finish around 7pm each day. Times for the Study Groups and Telecourses vary depending on each group.

Venue: Currently I have been teaching these workshops in the UK (Central and West London) but there are plans to do more international workshops. If you are interested in me holding this workshop for your group in your country please contact us. Similarly if you are interested in becoming one of our international  events organisers for your country please get in touch!

What to bring:

A notebook or journal, a pen and your own packed lunch for both days.

A few photos from some of the past Heal Your Life workshops that I've held. 



Writer & Voiceover Artist (London, UK)

"I attended the 'Heal Your Life' course and it was a wonderful and powerful 2 days. Renée is one of the most beautiful, caring and loving people I have ever met and she immediately ensured all the group felt safe before exploring the many methods and techniques to help us achieve the life of our dreams. It is intense, yes, but there was also a lot of laughter and joy! I would recommend it to anyone and everyone - not just the content, but the way it is delivered by Renée. Everyone should work with her! I look forward to continuing my journey and coming back to Renée for more of the Love, Light, joy and positivity she so generously gives to the world."

Sunflower Close Up


Actor/Singer (London, UK)

"I feel I have been taken care of again, immensely, from a "shiny light being" who lives through Renee! My testimonial will change even more after this day is finished, for the better. I really felt safe, loved, understood, and helped, 'just the way I am'. I have been given a great hope, a great new start. And I feel this through my body already. I encourage and challenge others to do this workshop and experience this love and healing."

Green Leaf


Producer, Writer, Actor (London, UK)

"I attended the 'Heal Your Life' 2-day workshop and found it truly opened me up to things I could do to help myself lead a happier and more fulfilled life. Renée is a channel for love and light and generously dispenses it while gently allowing you to peel away layers of negativity and uncover the wealth of love and light that is within yourself. I left feeling happy, grateful, positive and full of the joys of life and a belief I could fulfill my dream and ambitions."

Piles of Books


Self-Employed Landscape Gardener, G.Hickman Landscapes (Wigan, UK)

"I have to thank Renee and everyone for a special weekend. It was very thorough and a lot of emotion is now dislodged and released. An intense course but extremely beneficial. I was very nervous to begin but I left refreshed, energised and positive. I recommend to anyone at whatever part of life you are at."

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2-day workshop: The cost of the workshop is £225 per person which includes your tuition, all course materials, and light refreshments for both days.
All materials and handouts will be given to you on each day, all you will need to bring is a journal, a pen and a packed lunch for both days.

(for 2-day workshop)

Earlybird: There are various Earlybird discounts available to you - the earlier you book your place on to a course the cheaper it is! Go to the registration page to find out the earlybird rates.

Couples discount: If you want to participate on this workshop with a partner (which is highly recommended as you will grow together and can really benefit from supporting each others' growth in many wonderful ways) you will each be eligible for a 10% discount. Just let us know at the time of booking that you are together. Instead of your total cost together being £450 it will be  £405 for the both of you (or instead of you paying £225 each you will only be paying £202.50).

Bring-a-friend discount: You will receive 5% off the total cost of the workshop for each friend you recommend to participate on the same workshop. So for example if you recommend one friend instead of paying £225 you would pay £213.75, two friends you would pay £202.50 and so on (please contact us directly after registering, and email us your friends' names and email addresses so that we can link them to your account to make sure you receive your discount!)

Top Up/Repeater Rate: If you are a graduate of a Heal Your Life workshop (from having attended a workshop before) then you can take advantage of the Top Up rate which is for Graduates only. Whenever you re-take a workshop or course as a refresher you will always pay 50% off of whatever the current rate of the course is. You can have as many top ups as you want, there is no limit to how many times you re-take a course!

You will be given these discount options when you register. Just click on the appropriate one when you register.

*Please note that only one discount type can be applied per participant.

I hope to see you soon to help you achieve your dreams and let go of your fears and all the 'baggage' that's possibly holding you back! If you're interested in participating, what are you waiting for?!

You can literally begin to change your life in 2 days! The real question to ask yourself is: 

"Am I REALLY ready for change?"

If you are serious about changing your life then you'll be willing to take action now. It's up to you to create your life, help is here if you want it. Listen to your heart and if it speaks to you about doing this wonderful workshop then give me a call and reserve your place...it's got your name on it! If however it doesn't resonate with you at this time, that's OK too. Just trust your own heart :)

I hope to see you soon!

Love, Light and Blessings, Renee x

Renee Spurrier with Louise Hay

How do I book my place on to the next Heal Your Life Workshop, Study Group or Telecourse?

To book your space on my next 2-day Heal Your Life Workshop  please click on the REGISTER NOW button below. If I currently have an upcoming course you will be taken to the booking page, if I don't have an upcoming workshop soon the link won't work so please join my mailing list to receive my newsletters so that you can be informed as soon as my next course comes up! You can also email us at: mail@angelic-creations.net to be added onto the waiting list if you definitely want to reserve your place on my next workshop. If you'd like to register for either the Study Group or Telecourse please click on their names to be taken to their pages.


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